Second Language Studies Minor

Minor in Second Language Studies

The minor in Second Language Studies provides an applied science approach to second languages, enhancing your preparation for jobs abroad, international relations, global business, language professions, and language learning.

Courses offered cover the breadth of the field, which in turn allows for teaching engagement by all faculty. Students take one core course in second language acquisition and additional electives for a total of 15 credit hours. Topics of elective courses include acquisition of syntax and phonology, language teaching and learning, language revitalization, multilingualism and society, and multilingualism and the brain. Two other courses that count toward the minor are SLST-S 213 Multilingualism Brain and Behavior Research Experience, which is part of the College Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Experience (ASURE) initiative, and COLL-C 104 Language Hotspots and Biodiversity, which is part of the College Critical Approaches (CAPP) program.

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