TESOL and Applied Linguistics Certificate

Certificate in TESOL and Applied Linguistics

The Certificate in TESOL and Applied Linguistics is a practical two-semester program designed to enable students to work as successful teachers of the English language to adult speakers of other languages. The certificate requires twenty (20) credit hours of course work and a level of English language proficiency commensurate with effective teaching of English.

At Indiana University you will have the opportunity to study and work with TESOL leaders and professionals. Our faculty share their teaching innovations and research findings at the annual international TESOL conference, TESOL affiliate meetings, and other professional conferences in such areas as pragmatics, international teaching assistants (ITAs), conventional expressions, second language writing, language teacher education, corrective feedback, and language testing. You will also have the opportunity to gain hands-on teaching experience by teaching ESL in our community outreach program “English in the Evening” (TESOL Practicum), and qualified applicants may also teach in our Intensive English Program and the English Language Improvement Program .

Our graduates have gone on to successful careers teaching in IEPs and other ESL/EFL programs in the U.S. and abroad, and include Dudley Reynolds, Past-President of TESOL (M.A./Ph.D.) and Ahmar Mahboob, current co-editor of TESOL Quarterly (Ph.D.).

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