Program Details


Classes are small and paced within seven levels of instruction, with 20-24 hours of class work each week. Because absence from class slows down the process of making steady improvement in language skills, students are expected to attend classes daily.

Attendance is also required to maintain legal immigration status in the United States. Any student missing the maximum number of allowed absences will be dismissed from the program, and their sponsor will be notified (if applicable). Dismissal from the program also results in loss of access to university housing.

We offer Individualized counseling for students who are experiencing problems with attendance, hoping to find solutions to any challenges they may be experiencing.

End of session evaluation

The Level Achievement Examination and the Institutional TOEFL are given to students at the end of each session, offering an individual assessment of progress. Student achievement in course work and on tests is recorded on this official evaluation form. This form, which documents all session results and teacher assessments, and is sent to students and their sponsors.