Second Language Studies Ph.D.

Ph.D. in Second Language Studies

Our Ph.D. in Second Language Studies reflects the unique breadth, depth, and rigor of our department. Our Ph.D. students receive a strong foundation in the structure, acquisition, and use of nonnative language and are extraordinarily well qualified as researchers and teachers.

The curriculum includes current models of second language acquisition, L2 phonology, L2 syntax, methods in L2 research, research in acquisition in instructed contexts, and language typology, plus opportunities for several electives from the Second Language Studies department and related departments. Courses ensure that our students are well educated in both theoretical and applied aspects of the process and results of L2 acquisition, and faculty mentoring through research labs, research groups, research partnerships, and reading groups deepens and broadens this foundation.

Our Ph.D. students regularly present their research not only at our Friday Afternoon Research Colloquium, but also at major conferences in the field. They often publish articles in professional journals and edited volumes either on their own or jointly with faculty members. Their dissertation research provides the foundation for careers as successful and productive college and university faculty members equipped to engage in university-level teaching and pioneering research. 

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