Intensive English Program (IEP)

What is the IEP?

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The Intensive English Program (IEP) at Indiana University (IU) Bloomington offers a comprehensive set of courses aimed mainly at preparing international students to study in English at the university level.

Our mission in the IEP is to serve learners of English by offering courses designed to support the development of English language skills for academic studies in North American universities. As part of the Department of Second Language Studies, the IEP also contributes to the development of ESL professionals. We encourage curricular innovation and support the research mission of the department. The IEP contributes to the broader mission of Indiana University in fostering a community of global citizens.

The instructional program of the Indiana University IEP is designed to help non-native English speakers increase their English language skills. Most IEP students are preparing to enter North American universities after completing the IEP program. Others are learning English for professional purposes. The curriculum is designed for students at all levels of English language proficiency, with an emphasis on developing the necessary oral and written skills for academic studies and business or professional communication.

The IEP is committed to providing a diverse, safe, inclusive, and equitable environment to students from all national, ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds regardless of gender identification, sexual orientation, or physical or cognitive differences. In accordance with the policies of Indiana University and the Department of Second Language Studies, the IEP requires that applicants to faculty positions to provide a diversity and inclusivity statement to be considered as part of the application package.