Beyond Methods: Components of Second Language Teacher Education

Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig, Beverly S. Hartford
Publication Date

This collection of essays gives an overview of the different disciplines that inform language teaching and language teacher education. They include the following titles: "The Case for Psycholinguistics" (Bill VanPatten); "The Place of Second Language Acquisition Theory in Language Teacher Preparation" (Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig); "Why Syntactic Theory?" (Maria-Luise Beck); "Phonology in Language Teaching: Essentials of Theory and Practice" (Martha C. Pennington); "Sociolinguistics in Language Teacher Preparation Programs" (Beverly S. Hartford); "The Role of Pragmatics in Language Teacher Education" (Gabriele Kasper); "A World Language Perspective: English, French, and Spanish" (Kimberley Brown); "Non-Native Reading Research and Theory" (James F. Lee); "The Writing Course" (William Grabe, Robert B. Kaplan); and "Assessment and Second Language Teaching" (Harry L. Gradman, Daniel J. Reed). (MSE)