Indiana University

The Department of Second Language Studies

The Indiana Academic English Test (IAET)

The Indiana Academic English Test (IAET) is a remote computerized academic English test designed to assess whether the English abilities of newly admitted international students are sufficient for academic coursework.

The test is composed of three sections: Writing, Listening, and Speaking. The test will be administered through computers online proctored by Examity. You need to have your IU username and passphrase ready to log into the test website. The test results will determine whether or not you will need to take courses from the English Language Instruction Program (ELIP). The entire test will take about two hours. Note that you should create a profile and then make appointments with Examity proctors for both the practice test and the actual test once you log into the test website.

1. Writing Section: Read-to-Write Argumentative Writing (45 minutes)
Students will be given a statement and two short reading passages that are relevant to the statement. Students will be asked to write an essay with at least 300 words that states their position, using the two texts to support their argument. Students will be given 45 minutes to complete the task. The essays will be evaluated on linguistic control, argumentation, and source use by the two trained raters.  

2. Listening Section (45 minutes) 
Students will watch two to three genuine academic lectures. Each lecture is divided into two parts. Students will listen to each part of the lecture and answer five to ten multiple-choice listening comprehension questions. 45 minutes are assigned to complete the listening test consisting of a total of 30 multiple-choice questions.

3. Speaking Section (15 minutes)

 There are two separate parts in the speaking section: 1) a question-answer part (4 prompts); and 2) a short lecture-retell part. The performance will be rated on pronunciation, fluency, and organization by the two trained raters.

What do I need to take the IAET?

In order to take the IAET at home, you will need to make sure you meet the following requirements:

Equipment, Browser, a Photo ID, and IU username and passphrase

• Desktop or Laptop computer, which is either a PC with Windows 8 or 10 or a Mac OS X® 10.5 or higher (10.13 High Sierra is recommended). Note: you are not allowed to take the test on a phone or tablet.

• Browser requirements: Chrome™

• Webcam: Internal or external

• Speakers: internal or external.

• Headsets or earphones

• Your government issued Photo ID

• IU username and passphrase

 Testing Environment

• Do not take your test in a public open space.

• Have a quiet test-taking spot with minimal distractions. You must be in a room alone, where all doors can be closed.

• Computer and keyboard must be on a desk, and you must be seated in a normal chair (i.e. no couch, bed, or overstuffed chair).

• Position your desk and chair such that you have your back to the door and that the proctor can see that nobody else comes in the room.

• The only items you can have on your desk are a blank piece of paper and pen or pencil.  

• No food and drink are allowed. 

• Your ears and face must be visible during the entire test. You can wear religious headwear, as long as it doesn’t cover your ears. 

• Turn off your cell phones, smartwatches, iPad, etc. during the test.  

For more information about the IAET, please contact the Office of International Services.
For additional assistance with scheduling your exam, please contact the Office of First Year Experiences

For technical issues, please contact Examity