Indiana University

The Department of Second Language Studies

The Indiana Academic English Test (IAET)

The Indiana Academic English Test (IAET) is an Indiana University entrance exam required of all undergraduate international students whose first language or mother tongue is not English, and all those graduate students who do not present minimum TOEFL scores (see the "TOEFL Requirements" Sidebar for details) or whose departments require the IEPE in addition to TOEFL scores. The IEPE is given several times a year, including August and early January.

The IAET is an intermediate-level proficiency test of English, designed to expose basic English language problems which might hinder success in students— academic pursuits. The approximately four hour exam includes a 45-minute composition, 5 minute oral interview, an integrated skills task, and a multiple choice sections for listening and reading comprehension.

There are three possible results of the IAET. The results for many international students permit them to proceed into full time academic studies with no classes in English needed. The results for some students require that they take one or a few support courses, called Second Language Studies (SLST) T101 (undergraduate) or T501 (graduate), which are designed to give students more practice in certain areas of English, for example in writing. Most of these courses are 8 weeks in length and may be taken at the same time as other academic classes. The results for a very few students, however, place them into a 7-week session in the Intensive English Program, where they study full time English and do not begin their academic coursework.

For more information about the IAET, please contactthe Office of Second Language Studies or the Office of International Services.

Note - Due to the fact the IAET testing periods often overlap the TEPAIC sign-up periods and exam, students are unable to take both the IAET exam and the TEPAIC within the same 30 day window. For example - If a student needs to take the IAET test in January, they will be unable to take the January TEPAIC exam.

** Please note that due to the scheduling of the first week of classes and the winter break, the January exam is a small session focused ONLY toward AI Candidates whose departments are intending them to teach for the upcoming January session.

The learning of second and foreign languages is a rich and fascinating process involving linguistic, psychological, and cultural and social dimensions. The Department of Second Language Studies is dedicated to scholarship on the structure, acquisition, and use of nonnative language (in both instructed and contact contexts). We currently offer (1) two MA programs and a PhD program designed to train the next generation of foreign and second language professionals as both researchers and teachers; (2) an undergraduate minor designed to provide a firm foundation in second language acquisition; and (3) an English Language Instructional Program designed to assist matriculated undergraduate and graduate students and an Intensive English Program designed to prepare international students for study at English-speaking universities.