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Recent SLS Faculty TESOL Presentations

Recent SLS Faculty TESOL Presentations

Presentations at TESOL International Association Events

TESOL 2018

  • Bardovi-Harlig, Friedman, & Hallback. Using role plays for ITA pragmatics instruction.
  • Bardovi-Harlig, Mossman, & Su. Hands-on corpus searches: Helping students discover authentic pragmatic routines.
  • TESOL 2017

  • Bardovi-Harlig. Oral conversational tasks: From research to teaching
  • Bardovi-Harlig & Friedman. The teaching of pragmatics in an institutional setting. ITA interest section.
  • Friedman & Connolly. Aligning plagiarism policy and practice in an intertextual world. Peer-to-Peer Dialogue.
  • Stewart, Burghardt, Connolly, de Oliveira, Smithers, Schmidt, Kessler, & Dantas-Whitney. Voices from the TESOL classroom.
  • TESOL 2016

  • Bardovi-Harlig. Operationalizing conversation in the teaching of pragmatics.
  • Friedman. Negotiating identities and imagining communities in an MATESOL program.
  • TESOL 2015

  • Bardovi-Harlig & Mossman. Working with corpora: Input for the teaching of pragmatic routines.
  • Joaquin, Kim, & Shin. Examining prewriting strategies in L2 Writing: Do They Really Work?
  • Presentations at AAAL Events (American Association for Applied Linguistics)

    AAAL 2017

  • Bardovi-Harlig, Mossman, & Su. The effect of corpus-based instruction on pragmatic routines.
  • Friedman. Citation as a social practice in a TESOL graduate program: A language socialization approach.
  • Granena, Yilmaz, & Arroyo. Does implicit learning ability play a role in the effectiveness of negative feedback?
  • AAAL 2016

  • Ewert & Shin. Data-driven reading evaluation in a reading-to-write placement task.
  • Granena, Yilmaz, & Arroyo. Cognitive aptitudes for implicit and explicit learning: An individual differences and ATI study.
  • AAAL 2015

  • Arroyo & Yilmaz. The effect of feedback timing on the acquisition of Spanish gender agreement through synchronous computer-mediated communication.
  • Friedman. Co-constructing expert-novice identities in an MATESOL program.
  • Lee, Koylu, Granena, & Yilmaz. Effects of models, corrective feedback and the mixed treatment in the acquisition of the Turkish locative morpheme.
  • Presentations at Indiana TESOL (INTESOL)Events

  • Abe. Developing speaking fluency. INTESOL 2015.
  • Connolly & Connolly Making arguments “real” with op-eds. INTESOL 2017
  • Connolly. Can you clarify? Providing feedback to L2 writers. INTESOL 2016
  • Friedman. Mentoring novice teachers in an IEP. Roundtable Discussion, INTESOL 2017
  • Other conferences

  • Abe. Strategies for giving an academic presentation. Webinar, November 2017, with Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages, Almaty, Kazakhstan.
  • Bardovi-Harlig. "Nice to meet you:" Formulas, learner grammar(s), and teaching pragmatics in ESL. Plenary presented to TexTESOL 2015, San Antonio.
  • Friedman. Research into practice: Incorporating action research into the TESOL methods course. CARLA 2015, Minneapolis

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