Regular Session TEPAIC Guidelines

The Department of Second Language Studies offer four regularly-scheduled TEPAIC exams throughout the academic year: August, October/November, January, and April. These exams are for candidates who are currently enrolled graduate students in an IU academic department.

A month prior to the exam, a memo from VPFAA will be sent out to academic deans, associate deans, and department chairs.

If you have students needing to take the TEPAIC, please send a memo to with their:

This memo needs to be received no late than one week prior to the first day of sign-up for the session.

Once the memo is sent, you will receive a confirmation of receipt from

Candidates must have a valid TOEFL/IELTS score that meets the minimum requirements, including the overall score, sub-scores, and writing score. If they do not have a valid proficiency score and/or a score that meets the minimum requirement, candidates have the option of (re)taking a TOEFL or the Indiana Academic English Test (IAET). The department should verify that these requirements are met prior to sending the memo.

*Students whose departments have judged that they have evidence of English proficiency from sources other than the TOEFL or IELTS may be allowed to take the TEPAIC under the following conditions:

1) a signed departmental memo attached to the department’s initial authorization stating that the department judges the student to have adequate proficiency in English; and

2) if the student does not pass the TEPAIC at the level required for teaching in their department, before being allowed to take the exam a second time, they must demonstrate proficiency through performance on the TOEFL or IELTS or successfully complete T502 “Communication Skills for International Associate Instructors.”

Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Requirements:
Associate Instructor candidates must meet minimum TOEFL requirements before they register for the TEPAIC.

For either the Paper-based TOEFL (PbT), the Computer-based TOEFL (CbT), or the Internet-based TOEFL (IbT), candidates must have minimum scores in the following three areas: the overall TOEFL score, the sub-scores, and (on both the PbT and CbT) the essay component.

Test Type: Minimum Scores

Paper-based TOEFL (PbT)

Overall score: 550
Sub-scores (listening, structure, and reading): each 55
Essay score: 4

Computer-based TOEFL (CbT)

Overall score: 213
Sub-scores (listening, structure and reading): each 22
Essay score: 4

Internet-based TOEFL (IbT)

Overall score: 79-80
Reading: 20
Listening: 19
Writing: 17